Artful pots at the Airport



The Atlanta airport is not a happy place for me.  Mainly because of Delta airlines, but that’s another story.

So just imagine my pleasant surprise when I walked by this beautiful display of teapots in Terminal E!

This exhibit was created by Ceramix, a cooperative of Georgia’s creative claymakers.  This unique, handmade collection reflects a wide variety of styles from basic to extravagant, whimsical to wild.  They are certainly unusual and eye-catching, to say the least.


































I was particularly drawn to this teapot.  The colors are so soft and delicate and the friendly little birdie is looking up in such a curious manner.  He made me smile.








These last two pictures show pottery by Eileen Braun called the Jasperware series.  They are absolutely stunning.

This tall black and white teapot with the footed sugar and creamer are dramatic and contemporary yet still bringing in the natural world with the white leaves and twigs.







This one was said to be inspired by Wedgewood stoneware.  It is an attractive tribute with the Wedgewood blue and matte finish but I’m not sure Wedgewood ever came up with anything so fanciful.

This entire display was quite a treat!  Sometimes you stumble upon something that just stops you in your tracks and you feel a little pop of happiness.  Life’s like that sometimes.  I’m thankful that I’m able to share it with you!



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