Breakfast at the Ritz in London

Not only did we have afternoon tea at the Ritz in London, we also had breakfast there.

We ate at the Ritz Restaurant which is an entirely different room than the Palm Court where we had afternoon tea – and – it was an entirely different experience.  Click here to compare and contrast.

The quiet and sedate room had bright, natural lighting coming in through a bank of windows overlooking Green Park.

The table was tastefully set with robin’s egg blue china edged in gold.


We opted for the Continental Buffet Breakfast which was their lowest cost option for £35.  It was plenty with cold cuts, quiche, a variety of eggs, nuts, and fruits.  We certainly didn’t need more.  Especially after they brought the amusing rack of toast along with an assortment of jams and monogrammed butter.  Everyone needs monogrammed butter.


The tea is served in a more appropriately smaller sized pot than the ones used in the Palm Court.  It came with a second pot of hot water for refills.  This solved the oversteeping problem we had the day before.


I ordered the English Breakfast tea.  I’m pretty sure was a requirement since we were in England and it was breakfast.  That is how it works, isn’t it?  I enjoyed the strong black tea with a splash of milk.  Just the thing to get your eyes open.


Here’s a point of interest (to me):  Note the difference between the short and squat tea pot on the left vs. the tall, skinny coffee pot on the right.  Tea pots are always round because it allows the leaves to swirl around and unfurl in the hot water.


Breakfast in the Ritz Restaurant restored my faith in the Ritz Carlton – London and reinforced my belief that their afternoon tea is just a tourist trap.  If you really want to have a refined, real tea experience at the Ritz, I’d recommend eating at the Ritz Restaurant and just relax and enjoy.

Stay away from their afternoon tea at the Palm Court.

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