Blueberry Black Tea

I favor flavored teas.  To be specific, the berry flavors.  Here is one of my new favorites:  Blueberry tea.  Today we’re tasting the Savannah Tea Room’s “Blueberry Black” tea.

savannah tea blueberry tea leaves

The addition of blue cornflower petals is attractive although I don’t think it adds anything to the flavor.  It’s just pretty and that’s o.k. with me!

savannah tea blueberry tea brew

The liquor is on the lighter side for a black tea.  This is a very nice black tea with a pleasing, honest blueberry aroma.  Every sip delivers a nice fruity fragrance to the nose and a very smooth, almost buttery mouthfeel.  No sweetener is necessary since the blueberry taste, to me, is sweet enough.  Although, if you want to splurge you could try adding a splash of cream and pair it with a blueberry muffin!

It’s quickly becoming a go-to tea for me.  It tastes great hot or cold.  Plus, there must be some health benefits here with the anti-oxidant properties of tea and blueberries combined!

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