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I am purposefully seeking ways to add a little more peace, joy and fun in my life; that's why I started this tea story.

Currently I am searching for a new supplier for my tea. So I’m visiting websites and ordering different blends every month. I’ll be posting about my finds along with my visits to tea rooms.

It’s always the perfect time for a cup of tea. Won’t you join me?

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Wonderful Watercress

We hear a lot about super-foods these days.  I propose we add watercress to the list.  Delicious egg and cress sandwiches are a staple of afternoon tea but this nutrient packed green deserves a little more attention. What’s watercress?  This is watercress: These pretty little delicate greens with hollow stems grow at the edge of… Continue Reading

Put It There!

It’s amazing how things make their way into my hands where I can then share it with you.  My Dad found these at a yard sale and snagged them for me.  How thoughtful was that? This is a cute little set of tea bag holders made by Atlanta-based Mud Pie for their Tea Talk line.  The… Continue Reading

It’s National Shortbread Day!

Enjoy Scotland’s favorite treat on national Shortbread Day – observed each year on January 6th.  What a wonderful excuse to enjoy a couple of shortbread cookies. Good shortbread is buttery, crunchy, melt in your mouth delicious.  It goes perfectly with a nice hot cup of tea, a glass of cold milk or, if you really… Continue Reading

Fall Harvest Teapot

“Autumn… the year’s last, loveliest smile.” — William Cullen Bryant We’re starting to feel the crisp air and the leaves are falling.  How about a warm pot of tea to brighten your cool morning? This extra-large, chunky pot will make enough to share with friends.  It’s in all the bold colors of an abundant autumn… Continue Reading

Artful pots at the Airport

  The Atlanta airport is not a happy place for me.  Mainly because of Delta airlines, but that’s another story. So just imagine my pleasant surprise when I walked by this beautiful display of teapots in Terminal E! This exhibit was created by Ceramix, a cooperative of Georgia’s creative claymakers.  This unique, handmade collection reflects… Continue Reading

Clean cup!

” I want a clean cup,” interrupted the Hatter: “let’s all move one place on.” The Mad Hatter wanted a clean cup and I do too. Let’s just say that I let this tea mug get so unbelievably dirty just for the purpose of showing you a way to clean tea stains.  I’ll deny anything else.… Continue Reading

Spiked Sweet Tea

Would you like your tea in a little stouter form?  If so, you might try some Sweet Tea Vodka by Deep Eddy.  I thought I’d give it a try, just so I could let you know how it was first-hand.  That’s me.  Always thinking of others. It’s exactly what it says it is.  It’s vodka… Continue Reading

Intu-art Tea Cup

This exotic tea cup tells a story  in a whimsical way of the cheetah and the far-away land where it lives.  It’s made by Intu-art, an artists co-op in South Africa. It’s not perfect and it’s not delicate but I’ve loved it since I first saw it.  The unique bas-relief elevates a simple tea cup… Continue Reading

Traveling in Style with Tea

Want some over-the-top luxury for your travels?  All you need is a Louis Vuitton Tea Trunk!   Louis Vuitton made three unique tea trunks in 2012 to commemorate the Grand Opening of their new location in the world’s second tallest building, Taipei 101, in Taiwan.  The beautiful red, green, and orange tea trunks sold for $1.7… Continue Reading

Spring is Here

Another teapot from my collection – I brought this out to celebrate Spring with you now that Spring has sprung.  Happy, happy!  It’s my favorite time of the year. The colors and flower shop motif seem appropriate for the warming weather. I think it would be the perfect pot to serve up a delicate white… Continue Reading