Mother’s Day Tea with a Southern Twist

We had a lovely Mother’s Day Tea with a Southern Twist.



  • Pimiento Cheese – every good southern party must have pimiento cheese.
  • Cucumbers with fresh, local strawberries, Belle Chevre goat cheese, and watercress. Watercress is an herb that grows in the wild throughout the South.
  • Shrimp and Grits – This was an experiment alright. I made grits and added garlic, butter, salt, and cheddar cheese. I cooled them off in the refrigerator overnight and then cut them into these little squares and fried them in a cast iron skillet. I put a little dollop of my tzatziki sauce on the grits cake and then placed a cajun spiced shrimp on top with a sprinkling of garlic chives from my garden.


Instead of scones we had cornbread instead! Served with local honey.

Put is all together and you’ve got a plate full of yummy treats!


Sticking with the Southern theme, we had individual Cherry Pies in Mason jar lids and Pecan Pie Tartlets for dessert.


  • Sweet Iced Tea and hot tea made with Piper & Leaf‘s Front Porch Tea.
  • Lemonade with sprigs of lavender

Our Mom

It was a lot of fun putting together our Southern Mother’s Day Tea. And of course, we did it all for our Mother/Grandmother/Great-Grandmother, Emily. We love you Mom!

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