Pretty little tea pots

Here’s one of my teapots.  It’s an inexpensive but pretty little pot made by Mud Pie that I picked up at Cracker Barrel. I was a bit shocked that it was less than $15 and yet has such delicately crafted flowers on it.  The teapot is a bit smaller than normal.  It only holds about 2-3 cups of tea so I don’t use it very often – too small for my morning pot.


This next pot is our wedding china, Sweet Leilani by Noritake.  My husband actually picked out the pattern when we were out shopping together and I liked it too.  The decoration reminds me of wedding flowers.  They say it’s dishwasher safe but I’ve never trusted it to the dishwasher so it’s handwash only so that means I don’t use it very often but I have on a few special occasions.


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