Pipers Tea and Coffee

I pass by Paducah, KY on occasion and last time through, with the help of Mr. Google, I found a groovy little tea room called Pipers Tea and Coffee.


It’s just a short hop from the interstate, located in an historic building that was once the Paducah Coca-Cola bottling plant.  Reportedly, this is an area that’s undergoing revitalization.  I was told that there are plans for more restaurants and shops in and around this splendid old art deco building.  I love it when old things are made new again.


The atmosphere is magical starting with the decorative outer and inner double door entrance that must be original to the building.  Way cool!


Inside, there are three different sitting rooms with big windows letting in lots of natural light.

IMG_0875 IMG_0872










The light plays off of all the sparkling glassware and it reminded me a little bit of a chemistry lab with all the beakers and coils.







So the shop had lots of style.  Let’s see if it has any substance. (Yes.  Yes, it did.)







An intriguing brewing stand is right on the front counter where you can watch the tea brew while you hang around and relax (and take pictures).  The barista was happy to talk with her customers who were coming and going.  Some were regulars and some were new, like me.  I enjoyed the easy, comfortable atmosphere.


I ordered a cup of their white peony tea.  White tea is delicate and can be tricky to brew; however, this tea was perfect.  It came out a nice, pale strawberry-golden hue.  The light yet full flavor was a balance of floral and grapey sweetness.


I thought I might be able to pick up a sandwich or snack there but they pretty much just serve tea and coffee. They did recommend a little corner grocery, Midtown Market, just a block further where I was able to get a fresh homemade sandwich.  As nice as their tea is, I would prefer it if they also offered sandwiches and pastries so you could get everything in one stop.

All in all it was an enjoyable, reviving break from driving.  I rolled on down the highway sipping my tea, happy with my newly discovered tea shop.


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