Burdett’s Tea Shop & Trading Company

I recently had a oh-so-fun day out with my cousins and my DH.  I talked them into taking a little road trip for tea.  We went to to Burdett’s Tea Shop & Trading Company in Springfield, TN just north of Nashville.  This is such a lively group – it’s sometimes hard to keep up with their fast-paced conversations!

Burdett's Tea Shop



Springfield (not the home of Homer & Marge.  That’s another Springfield.) is a tiny town that has the traditional small-town county courthouse square surrounded by 50% attorney’s offices and 50% shops.  It’s so quaint and quiet – far away from the interstate and WalMart – which is really what you need every now and then.







The tea shop’s got atmosphere.  It’s in an older building with a tin ceiling and wood floors.




teapot tree

There’s gift items for sale and I thought the teapot display was cool. They looked like good, everyday teapots and, as you can see, had many colors to choose from.









For lunch, I had the quiche and pimento cheese with crackers.  The others had sandwiches, soup and salad.  The bread was made by Schlabachs – a Mennonite bakery in the area.  From the selection, I’d really call it a place to get a good lunch that also serves tea rather than a tea room but it was good food.

The Ultimate BLT and lots of fruit!
Broccoli quiche with pimento cheese







Ham & Cheese sandwich with Tomato Basil soup
Grilled Chicken Breast Salad











I had their raspberry tea but it had such a strong artificial taste I switched it out to a safer choice and got just the house blend which was a straight black tea. Be aware, they do not have bottomless teapots so you’ll only get a couple of cups out of the little pots.




Scones: Chocolate Cherry, Ham & Cheese, Raisin


Their scones were truly exceptional.  The gooey chocolate cherry scone was my favorite.  It’s not on the menu but was part of the daily special.  The ham & cheese scone was an interesting switch up of savory instead of sweet.

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