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I am purposefully seeking ways to add a little more peace, joy and fun in my life; that's why I started this tea story.

Currently I am searching for a new supplier for my tea. So I’m visiting websites and ordering different blends every month. I’ll be posting about my finds along with my visits to tea rooms.

It’s always the perfect time for a cup of tea. Won’t you join me?

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10 Ways to Celebrate National Hot Tea Month

1. Get a cup of hot tea for yourself

Enjoy a quiet moment just for you.


2. Stock your pantry

Some of my favorite providers of quality loose leaf tea are:

Harney & Sons
Piper & Leaf
Simpson & Vail
Steeped Tea

Perhaps this is a good time to try something new and different!


3. Have tea with friends

Life gets so busy.  The time you get to spend with friends is a treasure.  Don’t miss it!


4. Stock up on hardware

Part of the fun of having tea is having cool and unique things to play with.  Tea kettles, tea pots, cups and saucers, mugs, infusors, tiered serving trays, linens, hats, gloves, even pearls can be necessary equipment.  Perhaps you suddenly find yourself in need of a bacon fork, an ice cream slicer, or a butter tine.  You never know when you might need one!

I recently broke one of my favorite everyday teapots – a clear glass teapot and was just perfect for brewing a beautiful flowering tea.  I think this is a good time to find a replacement.  Time to shop!


5. Read a book – preferably about tea

Death by Darjeeling (Tea Shop Mysteries Book 1) by [Childs, Laura]

There’s a great series of tea shop mysteries by Laura Childs.  I enjoy the stories but I’ve also learned a great deal about tea.

If you want something strictly focused on tea then Tea Time Magazine is always helpful.  Any books written by Bruce Richardson, Jane Pettigrew, or James Norwood Pratt are worth picking up.  All are renowned tea experts.


6. Throw a tea party

Throw a tea party – large or small.  Invite a group of friends to get together over a cup of tea. I mean, honestly, do you really need an excuse?  If you do, then how about it’s cold outside and it’s National Hot Tea Month?


7. Stop in at your local tea room

See our Ratings & Reviews page for some favorites.  Order a pot of hot tea and have a scone or two.


8. Take a gift

Do you know someone who could use some company?  Perhaps a friend who has had a rough go lately or an elderly person who would love to have some time with you?  Take a thermos of tea along with a couple of tea cups and you’ve made a little picnic that will cheer anyone.


9. Share this post

Let’s get the word out about the joys of tea.  I will be so thankful for your help in spreading the word!


10. Let me know how you’re celebrating National Hot Tea Month!

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